About me

History of Michael Sosner trading as Property Solutions in Wales


2003 – present,  property landlord with a portfolio of rental properties to let, t/a Vegan Investments more recently as Vegan Investments Partnership (VIP).

2011+ began working formally with and for property investors also with peer landlords buying and selling investment property in Wales.

2013+ renewing a pre-existing membership of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport, Michael began helping a Swansea Transport Charity to whom he has since been attached as property consultant.

2015, awarded Associate Membership of the Chartered Institute of Marketing arising out of work done for a project involving promoting an invention. Michael uses his marketing credentials to this day to facilitate the creative sale of properties.

2020, I act as a consultant helping buyers and sellers of property in Swansea Bay to help facilitate, also to help parties to deal with and overcome obstacles.

I am well-connected in the local area having for eighteen years worked in the local property market. And also taking consistent continued professional development at the highest level giving me the tools and equipment to be flexible in approach. I see opportunities that may be overlooked within problems transacting properties, even in a down-market.

Seller problems: if an initial exchange of communication does not fully answer the question you have involving selling your South West Wales property you can book  a 15-minute consultation (chargeable at £75) deductible from any prospective assisted sale fee. 

I have further pre-existing interests in music, in the theatre (I have worked in the theatre) and creative writing; minor pieces Michael has written have occasionally reached performance in South Wales and in North Yorkshire.

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