About me

History of Michael Sosner trading as PSiW


2003 – present,  property landlord with a portfolio of rental properties to let, t/a Vegan Investments more recently as Vegan Investments Partnership (VIP).

2011+ began working formally with and for property investors also with peer landlords buying and selling investment property in Wales.

2013+ renewing a pre-existing membership of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport, Michael began helping a Swansea Transport Charity to whom he has since been attached as property consultant.

2015, awarded Associate Membership of the Chartered Institute of Marketing arising out of work done for a project involving promoting a new invention.

Michael uses his marketing credentials to this day to facilitate his work for clients, including lately for a new magazine that Michael is proud to consult to, and this has included writing for them (see below).

2020+ Continued helping buyers and sellers of property in Swansea Bay to deal with and overcome obstacles through the pandemic.

2022+ Major legislation is being heaped upon investors, sellers, and landlords in the Welsh property market. Market changes are taking place at a hitherto unprecedented pace and are speeding up!

Please feel free to telephone me for a no-obligation chat as to whether I can help oil the wheels past obstacles on a project underway, or am able to add value to a new project.

I take the view that particularly in present, challenging times, we are here to help each other. Sometimes a discriminating third-party perspective may be all that is required to formulate the right questions to move forward with.

Michael was formerly schooled to the level of  practitioner in Michael Breen’s MBNLP business consultancy training, a field of study that I would advocate to every interested reader.

In the words of business guru, Michael Gerber

“Work on the business,

not in the business!”


Michael also retains a firm interest in the Creative Arts. I have previously worked in the theatre as a stage and studio technician and today keep links with an amateur theatre company. And I am developing new skills in journalism having since 2021 begun to see magazine articles I have written published.

Michael is especially interested in speaking with startups in the creative sector…

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