(A digression into the possibilities of) a metro for Swansea = SWANSEA 9 LINES

I have put in a holding statement for the Swansea LDP (Local Development Plan) process for Swansea 9 Lines, a federated group proposing to install a modern ultralight ecological transit system into the Swansea Bay region over the next 10+ years.

It is the blueprint for a very exciting development that if successful, will provide potential spin-offs for manufacturing, the retail sector, tourism and economic growth in general across the region.

Below is one of the plan diagrams of what a developed ultralight© transit system could look like more than a decade hence if the proposals achieve full potential.



You may wish to find out more or become involved in efforts to help bring this about.

Swansea9Lines is a charity incorporating a number of business members. To be kept abreast of developments, to be included in an email newsletter of the Chairman’s weekly update or to get in touch with the group, contact Capt. Mike Smith IDMountain@aol.com

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