There’s a lot going on at present and I’ve little space for new clients, yet to update readers of this website, these are the property opportunities and leads I am dealing with at present:

REPOSESSIONS: I currently have two sources for repossession properties

PROBATE PROPERTIES/BULK PROPERTY DISPOSAL: I currently have two leads for bulk property disposal, and a separate lead that may nevertheless take me a little time to cultivate, but which offers the prospect of an ongoing opportunity to make offers on probate properties

BUSINESS TO BUSINESS/CONVERSION TO RESIDENTIAL: I have a contact for a small chain of commercial buildings that would typically suit conversion to business/residential

DEVELOPMENT PROPERTIES: I am looking at a couple of larger development properties for a client. It could be that as a result of the marketing effort process, further examples of these could become available for further clients if my workload and commitment to business in-hand permits

Please register your interest in the contact box below, and I will send you forms to return details of the types of properties you may be interested in.. Thank you